What is your hope for 2020?

For those that do not know my work as an Author, the majority of my books have God interwoven into their storyline someway. God has always been a source of comfort to me from a very early age. Though I have had many obstacles and struggles throughout my life from a death of a husband when I was young, domestic violence, and sexual assault I have turned to God. I can’t imagine my life without God.

This brings me to my point. My hope for 2020—that more people come to find Jesus as their Personal Savior.

What is your hope for 2020? Feel free to comment. No judgement. I wish you peace, love, hope and blessings this upcoming new year.

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The beauty of a smile!

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Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Paris, France for three weeks in September and also to Frankfurt, Germany for a week in October on a solo vacation. As I was exploring these areas and walking, I noticed many serious expressions plastered upon faces of the masses, as if nothing could change that. Then a stranger, a foreigner gives a smile and miraculously the look upon their faces changes into a reflection of the giver—-a smile!

I realized that a smile is an universal language that can communicate and can easily spread from one to another—brightening one’s day. No matter which of the three regions of Paris I traveled: heart of Paris, Clichy, and Saint Maur Des Fosse’s I found a smile changed a serious expression into a reciprocal exchange.

Next time you find yourself rapidly focusing on your next stop in your day—look up and smile to the person you see. Who knows what impact you might have on that person’s day. Take a moment and SMILE!

Wisdom from a toddler!

Recently I received a Snap-chat of my two year old grand-daughter Lillian. She proudly sat at a table feeding Play-Doh into a tool she squeezed hard with her two little hands. While doing this, she exclaimed, “This is really hard,” she took a deep breath, slightly sighed and continued, “but I can do it!”

After the squiggly strings of the clay-like substance landed on the table’s surface she gave the biggest smile, grinned from ear to ear, and proclaimed, “I made orange spaghetti.”

As I later reflected on this image of an enlightened little girl, happy, positive and filled with pride, a lesson we as adults need to be reminded of—-I realized self-doubt can hold us hostage and keep us from moving forward in completion of a difficult task. Within the last few weeks, I’ve noticed some comments in on-line groups I belong to, primarily writing groups of self defeat creeping in like a stranger in the night. Conveyed for example as “I’m not a good writer. I can’t do this. This is too hard.” Partly these type of comments might have to do with negative reviews, naysayers or non-supportive people.

Put away any self-doubts where they belong, far from your thoughts. Embrace the positive you. Follow your passion whatever that may be for you. Follow your heart. And, most importantly listen to the wisdom of a little girl; a toddler:




Are you afraid?

Fear can sneak up out of the blue and take one hostage. I found this with writing. Was my creation good enough or was it even worthy to be seen by others and read? It wasn’t until I let go of that nagging feeling of the ‘what if’s’ and not ‘good enough’ that I realized my passion for writing won and snuffed out my fears. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Follow your heart and you’ll be good to go. I plunged right into the deep end and spent four months in 2017 penning my first debut fiction novel, Emma Beware. A few months later Clara Beware followed.


Take a minute from your busy life. Close your eyes. Conjure up an image Open your eyes. Take out pen and paper or your computer. Write about that image using your five senses (touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight).

Yahoo. Pat yourself on the back. You are a writer!

Leave a comment if you would like to share what you wrote about.