The beauty of a smile!

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Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Paris, France for three weeks in September and also to Frankfurt, Germany for a week in October on a solo vacation. As I was exploring these areas and walking, I noticed many serious expressions plastered upon faces of the masses, as if nothing could change that. Then a stranger, a foreigner gives a smile and miraculously the look upon their faces changes into a reflection of the giver—-a smile!

I realized that a smile is an universal language that can communicate and can easily spread from one to another—brightening one’s day. No matter which of the three regions of Paris I traveled: heart of Paris, Clichy, and Saint Maur Des Fosse’s I found a smile changed a serious expression into a reciprocal exchange.

Next time you find yourself rapidly focusing on your next stop in your day—look up and smile to the person you see. Who knows what impact you might have on that person’s day. Take a moment and SMILE!

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